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CCTV, Security cameras, Surveillance Systems


You'll need the best advice and the best systems available. Multi-Security Services are perfectly placed to advise on and install the most up to date CCTV security systems, be they single camera domestic observation systems to full-blown multi-site remote surveillance set-ups.

The latest Technology

We supply the latest in technology, including digital video recording to hard disk and archiving facilities for various media including USB Flash drive, DVD or CD. You can even view footage over the web or on your mobile.

Custom designed to your specification

All systems are custom-designed to your specifications and all advice is free and comes with no obligation to buy.

We can advise you on the details

You'll need to consider how long you want images stored for, how big the images are, how many frames per second and whether recording is constant or triggered by motion detectors. As experienced experts in the field, we are in a great position to advise you on your specific requirements, whatever your budget.

We can install a system of any size from a single camera setup to a full, high specification multi-camera system suitable for the most demanding commercial applications.

You can view footage on any TV or computer monitor and the recording capabilities of our equipment mean that you will not miss significant events captured on camera.

We also supply covert cameras for discreet surveillance, which are disguised as a range of common domestic or commercial objects.